Who we are

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We are a group of dedicated volunteers who have been supporting and volunteering for Light & Love Home Global work such as organizing monthly charity dinner.

In hope to involve more local youths, we decided to establish Love Your Neighbour Club (LYNC) in Boston branch in 2015, to expand in providing volunteering opportunities, train ourselves to help the poor, and express appreciation to our friends and family.

Monthly Events: Charity Night

After 51 consecutive months of fundraising dinners, we raised over $13,000USD for Light and Love Home Global Charity Fund. Little things add up to make a great difference.

Monthly Events: Family and Friends Gift Appreciation Project

We handmade gifts to show appreciation to our families and friends.

Annual Events: Mission Trips

We volunteer overseas to South Africa and Philippines.
Annual Events: Participating in Light and Love Home Activities in New York
We participated in NY’s LLH charity events: 2014 Street Fair & Marathon