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Locally and Globally

Volunteering Programs

Become a LYNC Volunteer and help out with our interest classes on Sundays while gaining volunteer hours!

2023 Summer Day Camp

Support students from Gr. 1-7 with arts&crafts, Math/English, outdoor activities, field trips, language, extended hours and more!

2023 Summer Day Camp - StepUp Youth Leaders

This program is designed for current StepUp volunteers. You will apply the skills and knowledge gained in our Sunday StepUp program to become leaders for a group of Grade 8 students who will be transitioning into high school.

StepUp Program

A 12-week volunteering program for high schoolers and campus students.

Sandbox Program

Enjoy valuable lessons on nutrition and collaborate with a team raise proceeds that all go to charity!

Global Fundraising program

Collaborate with a group of volunteers who are passionate and determined to create an impact in peoples lives! On top of that, you’ll learn valuable skills such as planning and executing events!

Afterschool Program

Make a difference to our community and youth by tutoring lower grade Math/English or Helping out with Arts and Craft.