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Fergus Wong

Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

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Lyn Trieu

Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

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Yuki Chan

Year 4 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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It all began in summer 2008 when a few of us from Light and Love Home (LLH) youth department decided to use our spare time to help out in the community through volunteering. These acts of kindness eventually inspired us to establish the Love Your Neighbour Club at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada.
We were inexperienced at first, yet in less than a year, we have recruited over a few hundreds volunteers. Soon our stories had even made it to the newspapers and our club spreaded to various part of Canada. Collaborating with many international non-profit organizations, our volunteers visited orphanages and participated in humanitarian programs worldwide. Counting on our members’ support, we have added 20 more branches internationally.
As our club grew, it became challenging to keep up with the volume of our day-to-day operation. To best support and communicate with branches abroad, in 2011, we decided to officially registered Go Volunteer - Love Your Neighbour Club as a society in Canada.
Having grown amply along this journey, we realized volunteerism should be something we do in all walks of life despites our age, gender and race. In recent years, we have begun to recruit volunteers among teenagers and seniors, connecting with more non-profit organizations, offering our help to more communities, and continuing to make the world a better place.

Ben Liu, Ryerson University (Toronto)

Hi, my name is Ben. I am a student at Ryerson University studying Electrical Engineering. I have been a part of the Ryerson Love Your Neighbour (LYN) club since 2012. I joined this club back in my freshman year. I found out more about the purpose of LYN and its work after joining a couple of their events. And after I learned about LYN’s meaningful work, I decided to get involved in LYN’s family and their work to make a difference in the local and global community. I want to share an experience I got from joining one of the events during last year. Last school year, one of our event we did was we visited the Mon Sheong senior home and did performances and games with the elders. I was “lucky” and got selected to be a part of the performances team. My performance was to sing a classic Chinese song to the elders with my partner. I was extremely nervous in the beginning, because I’ve never showcase my “talent” before in my life (Because I have none…). But I have no other choice when I was on the stage, so I continued with my performance. About half way through my performance, I started to notice smile on some elder’s face, then I felt less nervous due to their affirmation. Through this experience, I realized how meaningful our work is. Not only we bring smiles on people’s face, but their smiles are also bringing changes to our self at the same time.

Kay Lau, University of Toronto

Joining LYN at the beginning of my undergraduate education has really helped me expand my horizons and have a meaningful experience at U of T. What attracted me was simply seeing the passion of students doing something worthwhile—to see them be so selfless in their charity and volunteering work drew me to want to understand where their passion came from. It’s helped me to meet amazing like-minded people who love to help others and develop strong long-lasting friendships. Not only that, my undergraduate years have been not be in vain! It was great to help out in my local community as well as see amazing work be done globally—while also studying for my midterms and exams! My most favourite memory with LYN will always be the Valentine’s Rose Making and Distribution event. Every year during Valentine’s Day, LYN volunteers would gather together and make these beautiful paper roses and then hand them out for free to everyone on campus. Amidst midterms and the February blues, these seemingly simple paper roses really cheered a lot of people up. Sharing the love on campus to my fellow student peers was an amazing experience. I loved that I got to cheer people up and make their day better in whatever way possible. Even after leaving university, you can never leave behind the great memories spent with LYN, the amazing bonds formed between newly made friendships, and certainly never leave behind all the great work that they do. Today, I continue to help do fundraising work for those in need and it’s become a career choice of mine. Thanks LYN for giving me this passion and for showing me a path and amazing group of people I thought never existed.

Man-yee Ng, Housewife (South of the New Territories Team 2)

I joined Love Your Neighbour Club because it helps me to enlarge my boundary and enter into the lives of the needy. I remember that one time, I invited a friend to visit some seniors. At first, he was not willing, but when he saw that we did it again and again, and we often shared the joy of volunteering, he admired us. (He was standing on the left in the picture.) It was his first time joining our visit service. Before we set off, he said he would say nothing, but once we stepped in the house, he was so joyous that he kept talking to encourage the 80-year-old lady that we were visiting. I enjoy very much to volunteer as it helps to change me and other volunteers.

Fergus Wong, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

Initally, I joined LYNC with the motive of improving my skill set and obtaining career-related experience. Volunteering had certainly fulfilled these goals, but I gained much more than I expected. Serving others consistently changed my view towards how I can better spend my time in University. I began to appreciate those who are willing to spend their resources for the needs of the world. LYNC gave me an opportunity to serve in different positions, from children class to kitchen duty. I was exposed to a group of pure-hearted volunteers and was encouraged by their attitude. Because I felt empowered, I wish to help other studnets to experience this joy of giving.

Lyn Trieu, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

I joined LYNC because I wanted to find a place to get involved and volunteer with. LYNC provided me with long term volunteer opportunities, which kept me connected with the club. I love volunteering with the people there where they all share the same passion as me. I especially love working with the kids at summer day camp and Saturday Math classes. LYNC is not only a club that provides volunteer opportunities but a place to also build relationships and have memorable times. I find what LYNC does to be very meaningful because they not just get involve locally but also globally.

Yuki Chan, Year 4 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

I have always wanted to volunteer because it is meaningful to help others and I myself benefits greatly in volunteering. I feel that what people of this generation need is not necessarily materials but love and care from others. Money donation can help ease some problems, but most valuable is to take action to serve others and bring them satisfaction from the inside. I join Love Your Neighbour Club because I find the volunteers of this club very sincere. They care for the community with a pure heart. They do so not for their fame but to bring joy and love to people around them.