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StepUp Program

A 12-week volunteering program for high schoolers and campus students.

Program Details

What is Stepup?

StepUp is made up of communication workshop, guest speaker workshop, interest classes volunteering and special projects.

It is a 12-week volunteering program for high schoolers and campus students.

Volunteers are put in teams and are rotated every 4 weeks for a broad and enriching experience.

*Must have stable 4 weeks attendance and pass interview first.

When is it?

Started in the Summer of 2021 to present. Each Term is 12 weeks. We have had 6 Terms every Sunday from 11:45am – 1:15pm.

Volunteer Workshops Information

Communication Workshops

Workshops are used to train volunteers in their character, attitude and expression.

Through these workshops, volunteers can gain invaluable skills to express in small groups or before entire classes of people! Giving volunteers the confidence to work with children and skills that go beyond the classroom.


Team Building

We can achleve far more workling together than when we work alone.

With guidance from your team leader, teams of volunteers undergo team building exercises.

Over the next 12 weeks, you will rely on one another to lead Gr1-3 or Gr4-7 Interest Classes.


Guest Speakers Professionals

Professional individuals come to StepUp to share their experiences with our volunteers.

Learn new career paths, and immerse into real-life experiences told by our guest speakers.

We thank our volunteer speakers for their expertise and time.


Special Projects

We are always excited to involve in our community!

Teams of volunteers can involve in:

1. Fundraising

2. Senior Activity Planning

3. Gr1-3 Class + Gr4-7 Planning

Specialist consultants will support you and your team to success!

Where does StepUp volunteer in?

STEM (Gr1-4), Arts & Crafts (Gr1-4), Indoor & Outdoor Activities (Gr1-4), Math Tutoring (Gr5-7)

How many volunteers?

We started off with 15 volunteers and have grown to a peak of 98 volunteers!

Which schools are the members from?

We have Gr8-12 and Campus students from 22 schools.

Vancouver: Britannia, Churchill, Crofton, David Thompson, Eric Hammer, Gladstone, Khalsa, Killarney, Kitsilano, Magee, Point Grey, Royal Canadian College, Tecumseh, University Hill, Vancouver Christian

Burnaby: Moscrop

Richmond: RC Palmer, Richmond High

New Westminster: Ecole Glenbrook

Surrey: Johnston Heights