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My favourite day volunteering with Step Up was when our group taught a group of lower kids how to make a spin drum. I remember it was snowing a lot that day, so not a lot of kids showed up. However, like in previous classes, the volunteers and I worked together to set up the room and planned how we were going to teach the kids. When the kids arrived, we enthusiastically demonstrated how the drum works to grab their interest. Because of the small turnout and the prepared resources, we also invited the teachers to join us, and we all had a great time decorating and making our spin drums together. This day stood out to me as one of the kids came up to me after class and hugged me while saying, “I really like you.” Despite the simplicity of the spin drum, what the kid said and how much fun everyone had reminded me that volunteering can be as simple as interacting and having fun as a group while being equally as fulfilling and meaningful.

This term helped me to improve student interaction by allowing me to participate in multiple interest classes with different students and learning environments.

My team leader Jannie! She was very organized when sending out reminders to the group and was always enthusiastic when encouraging us to come up with ideas.