To Love, To Care, To Share
Locally and Globally

Volunteering Programs

Become a LYNC Volunteer and help out with our programs throughout the week while gaining volunteer hours!

StepUp Program

A 12-week program for high school and college students with workshops, classes, and volunteering to enhance communication, teamwork, and knowledge.

2023 Summer Day Camp

Support students from Gr. 1-7 with arts&crafts, Math/English, outdoor activities, field trips, language, extended hours and more!

2023 Summer Day Camp - StepUp Youth Leaders

This program is designed for current StepUp volunteers. You will apply the skills and knowledge gained in our Sunday StepUp program to become leaders for a group of Grade 8 students who will be transitioning into high school.

Global Fundraising program

Collaborate with a group of volunteers who are passionate and determined to create an impact in people’s lives!

Afterschool Program

Make a difference to our community and youth by tutoring lower grade Math/English or Helping out with Arts and Craft.