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Alan’s Volunteer Experience

Meeting new people, having fun, learning and improving on some skills.==Mainly baking.==Everyone==No suggestions besides everyone should be there on time.

Christine’s Volunteer Experience

The crime investigation That we need extra patience while dealing with kids and we need to try to understand them more Cinthia and the guest speakers N/A

Ariel’s Volunteer Experience

Our baking sessions were so much fun! It’s so nice to spend time working on it together and enjoy it while also contributing to the community. ==Communications and how important planning is. ==Lena of course, waiying and Stanley for lending out supplies and the kitchen. And evryone in sandbox definitely ==Nope I think it’s all […]

Yuki’s Volunteer Experience

I don’t have a most memorable moment. Mostly just a collection of memories. I improved on public speaking + communication with kids I’d like to thank Vicky,Jenny, Maggie, Winnie, Kira and Cinthia for always being supportive of my decisions. Vicky and Jenny are always there for me when I’m struggling with personal life or just […]

Jerry’s Volunteer Experience

Although math tutoring was a quite a lot of work, I had lots of fun teaching the children! I learned that I need to be really patient with the kids. Bryan, my group leader, I could always count on him whenever I needed help or when I had questions. I would give the math tutoring […]