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Harleen’s Volunteer Experience

During one of the classes where we had to teach how to make comic strips to the 6th and 7th graders, one of the kids couldn’t figure out a topic to make it about. One of the adults decided to aide the child in thinking of one after showing dedication and asking many questions. I […]

Chenqian (Gloria)’s Volunteer Experience

I learnt how to think as a kid so I can better do the volunteer job! Responsibility and Self Influence Kudos to all the people who contribute to the program! Especially my team leader Vanessa The balance between workshops and real volunteer work.

Brenda’s Volunteer Experience

Trying to get a bunch of kids to draw and cut, and watching them do the complete opposite yet being completely proud of their artwork!==Patience and communication ==ENOCH!==all’s great (:

Teghbir’s Volunteer Experience

There are a lot of memories from this time, and I can’t really choose one to share. Communicating with and talking to my fellow volunteers after volunteering is completed, about casual topics such as school and sports. I would like to appreciate the team leaders Elijah and Fergus, who are always friendly and prepared for […]

Bryan Zi Jian’s Volunteer Experience

I remembered that I had to boil water for a science experiment. I learned that i need to take responsibility for my actions and I improve on public speaking. I appreciate norman. No everything is all good